Pablo Galve Millán

Case Study: Caramel Trading Engine

An online marketplace to buy and sell in real-time

Project Overview

Caramel Capital is an advanced trading engine that allows people to trade anything such as stocks or commodities in real-time.

Caramel Capital Cover

Designed for advanced investors

You have all the features needed, from the basic to the advanced ones.

  • Customized buy/sell buttons with amount and price.
  • Price candlestick visual chart
  • Last trades view
  • Supply & Demand visual chart
  • View of bids and asks
  • My open orders view
All these features come combined with a fancy dark design to make it more appealing to the eye.

The Approach & Solution

To get a real-time online marketplace, I've built a trading engine that finds the best matches between buyers and sellers of a stock.
For example, Alex places a buy order at a price of 25.00€. As soon as another user posts a sell order at 25.00€ or less, the engine will instant, automatic and anonymously perform a trade between them.
The buyer will receive the stock and the seller will receive the funds directly into their virtual accounts.

Logged in view
Logged out view

Here is where trading occurs.
This is the place where investors will place buy/sell orders, see the current price, a candlestick chart of prices in the past, supply and demand visual chart...

Admin Dashboard

From the admin dashboard you will be able to control the internal system

  • Credit deposits to investors
  • Credit bonuses to investors
  • Confirm bank withdrawals (Disabled on the demo)
  • Mint new stocks or commodities to perform capital increases
  • Freeze accounts
Admin Dashboard
Admin Dashboard
User Dashboard
User Panel

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