Pablo Galve Millán

Case Study: Moon Funding

A platform to start businesses. Write down your idea, we'll fund it and build it!

Project Overview

Moon Funding is a platform that allows entrepreneurs and investors to meet and launch businesses.

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Moon Funding Cover
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Our Own Cryptocurrency: MoonFunding ERC20

The Moon Funding's stake was represented by the MF cryptocurrency (an ERC20 token based on the ethereum blockchain).
That means that all the holders and transactions are publicly available in the network.
Smart Contract: 0x413fdcf950678a50ffc99f8dc3d24620f16edd08

Top 15 holders
Top 100 holders

At first, we distributed 8.1% of the total supply among almost 1000 contributors of the project.
The company planned to give out bigger percentages to contributors over the following years.

Smart Contracts & Crowdfunding

We opted to raise funds through a crowdfunding campaign, so I wrote a smart contract that allowed investors to send ethereum cryptocurrency to the contract and it gave them back a proportional amount of MF to their investment.

Crowdfunding contract
Crowdfunding contract
Multisend Contract
Multisend Contract

There were also users who contributed to the project by recording video-reviews, writing blog posts, sharing on social media...
We rewarded those users by sending them small amounts of MF cryptocurrency.
In order to send MF cryptocurrency to hundreds of users we used the "Multisend contract" that allowed us to send MF to up to ~100 people per transaction, saving time and transaction fees.

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