Pablo Galve Millán

Case Study: Samurai Shodown

A classic 1vs1 fighting game where have to beat your opponent.

Project Overview

This is a tribute to the fighting game Samurai Shodown from 1993 by Neo-Geo.


Special Attack

I built the special attack. It consists in the character jumping backwards and throwing a fireball to the enemy. Special attack is activated by using a combo of inputs.

  • Player 1:
    • PC: C + D + (D + S) + S
    • Xbox controller: X + Joystick Right + (Joystick Right + Joystick Down) + Joystick Down
  • Player 2:
    • PC: H + Right Arrow + (Right Arrow + Down Arrow) + Down Arrow
    • Xbox controller: X + Joystick Right + (Joystick Right + Joystick Down) + Joystick Down

I coded the input system that detects if the combo of inputs has been made in the correct order to activate the special attack.

Player 1 throwing special attack
Player 2 throwing special attack

State Machine

I built a part of the state machine that controls the states and animations of the 2 characters.
A state machine is the core of a fighting game, as it ensures that the characters move as they are expected.

  • Movement (5)
    • Idle
    • Walk
    • Jump
    • Crouch
    • Dash
  • Attacks (11)
    • Kick, jump kick, crouch kick, heavy kick & jump heavy kick
    • Punch, jump punch, crouch punch, heavy punch & jump heavy punch
    • Special Attack
  • Others (2)
    • Get hit (Receive Damage)
    • En Garde (Initial Cinematic)

Gameplay screenshot
State Machine Logic

A state machine is vital in that kind of game as it allows the characters to perform actions in the best way possible.

The Team

The team behind the game
  • Silvino Medina | Art & Design
  • Oriol Capdevila | Management
  • Pablo Galve | Code & QA
  • Marc Pagès | Code